Principles for cognitive justice

Just came across a very interesting paper by Maja van der Velden, From communities of practice to communities of resistance: civil society and cognitive justice, published in 2004, which presents a critical analysis on approaches to knowledge management and knowledge sharing. I particularly like the ‘principles for cognitive justice’, based on paper by Shiv Visvanathen, that she lists:

  • All forms of knowledge are valid and should
    co-exist in a dialogic relationship to each

  • Cognitive justice implies the strengthening of
    the ‘voice’ of the defeated and marginalized.

  • Traditional knowledges and technologies
    should not be‘museumized’

  • Every citizen is a scientist. Each layperson is
    an expert.

  • Science should help the common man/woman.

  • All competing sciences should be brought together into a common heuristic for dialogue.

 I also really liked what she wrote in a footnote: culture-as-knowledge and not culture-as-tradition.

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